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Civil Society Cooperation for a European Public Sphere #2

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Anna Krenz is an artist, editor, and activist. She is the founder of the Berlin-based initiative Dziewuchy Dziewuchom that is advocating for women’s rights and solidarity with women in Poland. She is also a freelance creative member of the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark and participates in numerous international solo and group exhibitions.

Terry Reintke is a German politician campaigning for a more progressive anti-discrimination policy and for policies advancing gender equality, LGBTQIA+, and women’s rights. She has been a member of the European Parliament in The Greens-European Free Alliance group since 2014 and one of their seven Vice-Presidents since 2019.

Anna pitches Dziewuchy Berlin, an informal organisation advocating for democracy, women’s rights utilizing street protests, actions, art and performance, discussion, media coverage, and political lobbying. Dziewuchy Berlin focuses on solidarity with women in Poland. Thus, Anna presents answers to the question how we can support each other and our fight for human rights from abroad. It represents a new form of bottom-up Polish-German feminist friendship and cooperation, “across borders and beyond borders”.

Terry explains how the European Parliament supports European civil society movements and where more institutional support is needed, for example when it comes to the protection of EU citizens’ rights in the member states and the funding of NGOs.



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