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Progressive Governance: Rise Or Demise

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How can Germany live up to its security policy responsibilities in the Zeitenwende? Tune in to hear German Chancellor Olaf Scholz' pledge to continue helping Ukraine and journalist Anne Applebaum and Head of the German Federal Chancellery Wolfgang Schmidt discuss the fundamental ways in which we now have to rethink foreign, security and economic policy.

Empowering Cities: Building Urban & Transatlantic Infrastructure

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The New Urban Progress fellowship spent three years examining and debating how cities can strengthen the transatlantic relationship. The fellows, partners, a project patron, and members of the sounding board participated in an end-of-fellowship discussion on what the most pressing issues are for urban areas in Germany and the United States, how we can deliver policy to address these challenges and why cities are central to the transatlantic partnership.

Empowering Cities: A Blueprint for Urban Progress

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In this episode, New Urban Progress fellows Richard Lawrence Jr. and Maria Willett present their NOVA Cities Index, a blueprint with the goal of help city leaders focus on how to make their city more innovative, green, and equitable. They are joined by Katie Rosenberg and Julie Richier to debate how useful these metrics actually are and also discuss how urban power can bring progress locally, regionally and transatlantically. The session is hosted by Cathryn Clüver-Ashbrook.

Empowering Cities: Forging a Transatlantic Dialogue

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In this episode, New Urban Progress fellows Neel Brown, Maria Willett and Steffen Haake share impressions from their trips through Germany and the United States, including how cities deal with modernizing their transportation system, drawing up inclusive housing and establishing public safety infrastructure.

Empowering Cities: Financing the Climate Transformation

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Cities are a major cause of greenhouse gas pollution. However, they are also the places driving change: From modernizing buildings to making mobility sustainable, cities have plenty of tools at their disposal to become climate-neutral. But the ecological transformation is expensive. So where does the money come from?

In this episode, Andreas Horchler talks to two experts in the field: Fritzi Köhler-Geib is chief economist at KfW Group, an important development finance bank. Gereon Uerz is Head of Sustainability at GROPYUS, a building company specializing in sustainable timber construction. Additional experts are Philipp Rode, Executive Director of LSE Cities and associate professorial research fellow at the London School of Economics, and Oliver Weigel, Head of the Division for urban development at the German ministry of the interior.

Progressive Governance: Germany's Political Turning Point

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The 2021 German Election brought a decisive vote for change: Merkel’s center-right party lost points, while the Social Democrats and the Greens made meaningful gains. But what are the implications? In this new episode of the "Talking Progress" podcast, Ricarda Lang, Jeremy Cliffe, and Tobias Dürr discuss how a new social-green-liberal coalition can be successful.

Progressive Governance: Europe’s Man on the Moon Project

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How can regulatory frameworks best serve people while also upholding democratic principles? Tune in to an exclusive one-on-one conversation between the Executive Vice President of the European Commission for the Digital Age and Competition, Margrethe Vestager, and the Co-Chairman of the German Green Party, Robert Habeck.

Progressive Governance: Beating the Centre-Right

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What does the future hold for social democratic parties and the centre-left? Political scientists Tim Bale and André Krouwel discuss how overarching narratives and a sharpened ideological compass can help progressive big-tent parties regain much-needed trust. Tune in as these experts debate and recommend paths forward for centre-left parties across Europe.

Progressive Governance: Against the Far-Right

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German elections are approaching fast. What are the chances of right-wing populists and what do progressives need to do now? Listen to our new episode to find out!

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world, it has put the nation-state at the centre of people’s daily lives. National lockdowns, vaccine rollout strategies, and the shutdown of international travel have introduced the national framework as a dominating force. Catherine de Vries and Cas Mudde discuss what this all means for right-wing populists and how progressives must respond.

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